Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aug 7th - Trail Magic Day

Flat terrain along Hat creek Rim of the Plateau.  Passed the 1400 mile mark.  Dropping off the rim we crossed a line of lava veins that were interesting; then a view of Mt Shasta free of smoke from the fire today.  Trail magic of soda and ICE!  Lots of hikers bunching up around the magic. 

Next stop the Crystal Lake Fish Hatchery with a nice picnic area for a lunch break.  Along the river after the hatchery there were lots of Ospreys.  Passed a single bottle of hard cider with a note for Burney Falls ahead.  Then some fuel and trail magic left for another hiker by name.  Passed it bye but those cookies sure looked good.  Then, a half mile ahead, I found a bag of chips just sitting on the ground.  I did take those!  Then came to a picnic table with beer, soda, and chocolate.  A camera to take a photo and request to pen or carve your name in the picnic table.  And last of all a great PCT Trail Camp with tables, fire pits, bathroom, and water.  Only Janet and I were camping but after dark came Scooter, Spins, Baboon, and five others.  Felt like an AT campsite.  Bear scat seen but the camp had wooden food lockers.  I doubt they would stop a bear but I used them anyway.
Lava Flows by Hat Rim

Osprey flying over river

Burney trail magic

More Trail Magic

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