Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aug 8th - Burney Falls

Stopped at Burney Falls State Park this morning and got a shower, checked the hiker box, and got a loaf of fresh bread at the store along with a sandwich, chips and ice cream.  Left the herd of hikers and hiked the waterfall loop trail.  Cool how the river runs underground then bleeds out of the rocks  at the falls. 

A nice hike over Britton dam, then up the rim of Burney Canyon.  Rock creek water fall was also neat but to early to camp.  Plus I wanted to get away from the PCT crowd.  Hiked a while with Flagman and dry camped on an open ridge with a view of Mt. Shasta and a nice sunset.  Oh, and lots of blackberries. 
Burney Falls

Britton Dam

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