Monday, August 20, 2012

Aug 20th - Callahan's

Spent the day at Callahan's Lodge.  Showered, sewed a tear in my backpack, laundry, and picked up Sybille's care package of resupply goodies.  They had a hiker deal to tent, laundry, shower, and all-you-can-eat dinner and breakfast which I couldn't turn down.  Met the Chowdown, Dr Haus, Lorax gang heading back to the trail along with the last remaining member of Team Sardine.  Good to see you Molasses.

I slept under the gazebo after dinner and listening to live music in the bar.  And the first beer is free for PCT hikers.  I didn't eat much of the all you can eat because I am feeling sick.  During the night I had to get up many times to use the bathroom.  I might have gotten something in that bad water with the Mac-n-potato surprise.  Talking with others it sounds like at least 8-10 thru hikers have come down with giardia.  All started showing symptoms around the Seiad Valley and Ashland area.  Decided, since I have all the food I need that I had no reason to go into Ashland.  Plan to hit the trail again after breakfast and looking forward to another visit with Sybille next week.  The good news is they may have re-opened the trail in the 30 mile fire detour ahead.

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