Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aug 23rd - Deer, Deer, Diary

Today was the day of the deer!  They are everywhere.  Saw one hiking into camp last night right by the campsites.  Then footprints everywhere in the morning.  While hiking I kept seeing groups of them all over.  Then in the evening more deer.  The trail was mostly uneventful but I did go out to Wildcat Hills Overlook with a view of the hills and lakes.  The Brown Mountain Ski Hut was cozy with a dirt floor and benches inside.  Lots of hikers in the register for last night but it was empty today.  Only Miner and Dr. Hauss ahead that I recognized. Too many yellow jackets outside by the well pump to stay long.  The next section of trail was covered in loose lava rocks.  Great trail work but the footing is loose.  Glad to find some flat spots to camp in this rocky area.  It's definitely an excitingly different environment with all this lava.

View from Wildcat Hills Lookout

Brown Mtn Ski Hut

Miles of Lava Fields

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