Friday, August 17, 2012

Aug 17th - Seiad Valley with Rivers, Bridges, Berries and another Fire

Woke to a smokey valley and the sounds of helicopters -- the fire ahead is getting bigger!  The hike down to Seiad Valley included four footbridge crossings of the Grider Creek.  The last with a nice cool refreshing swimming hole.  Lots of wild thimble berries that taste like a creamy raspberry.  After cooling off in the river I braved the long hot road walk into town, turning down a car ride offer to bypass the road walk three times.  Passed the temporary helipad for refueling the helicopters for fighting the fire ahead.  At the fire department I scored a cold drink but they had no information on the PCT trail situation and referred me to the ranger station.  At the ranger station I was told the PCT was closed ahead but a road walk that followed a river and had a nice waterfall provided a nice alternative to connect above the fire.  Approximately 12 miles, mostly on a dirt winding road up the mountains to Cook and Green Pass.  Having eaten tons and tons of blackberries I wasn't too disappointed that the Seiad Valley Cafe (and with it the pancake challenge) closed at 2pm.   Bought some stove fuel and a soda and ice cream. 

After my lunch I headed up the first paved then dirt 12 mile corkscrew road that leads up the canyon to the top of Cook and Green Pass.  It was hot, with lots of blackberry's.  Tons and tons of them.  The biggest blackberries I ever have seen.  Perhaps it's from eating so many blackberries, or the ice cream, or the mac-n-cheese surprise; but I'm feeling weak and sick to my stomach today.  Decided to camp halfway up the road walk detour.  But I did luck out with a fantastic camping spot by the river with a great swimming hole in the glacial rock pools by a water fall and they even had a small box privy. 

Thimble Berries

Swimming in Grider Creek


No Pancakes for Papa Smurf

Campsite with great swimming hole

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