Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aug 14th - The Russian Wilderness

Yesterday the Trinity Alps - Today the Russian Wilderness - Assume!  Lunch on top of a rock with great views all around, then around the mountain and into the Russian Wilderness.  A really great section with lots of rocky mountains, lakes, and a cool view from a mountain pass overlooking Taylor Lake.  Crossed the 1600 mile mark and met Seahag and Robo-knee. 

I got a hitch from a drug runner to the Hiker Hut in Etna.  The hiker hut had bikes to borrow, a bunkroom, tv, and a small kitchen.  I decided to camp outside and after a shower I hiked into town as it was too dark for the bikes.  Turns out this small town is not open late.  Only restaurant open was Bob's a good distance away.  But nice food and I slipped in just before closing. 

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