Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aug 15th - The Trail Town of Etna

Took a bike into town to do laundry and had a great breakfast at Bob's.  Had to resupply with alcohol because they did not have any canister fuel.  I made a stove out  of a potted meat can.  After stopping at the library to use the Internet I headed over to the Etna Micro Brewery to try out their sampler and a burger.  Last, a visit to the Etna town museum.  A very friendly town.

It was hot so I hung out at the hostile in the afternoon in the 100 degree weather.  Extra Credit and several other friends from Drakesbad showed up as I was leaving around 4:30pm.  The second car that drove by gave me a ride.  What a friendly town.  You could hear cow bells as the cows climbed down from the mountains with their bells as we drove up the mountain road.  Met up with another large group of hikers at the trail head. 

The trail went up the spine of a mountain ridge with good views of the many mountains in the distance and a red sun at sunset.  Campsite was nice but a few ants came to visit during the night.  Nice to be alone.  Guess I'm in the middle of the big groups of PCT hikers.  Everyone seems in a hurry and just wants to get to Ashland.

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