Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aug 26th - Bonked at Crater Lake NP

Feeling very, very, very weak as I slack-packed up the 4-1/2 mile climb to the crater rim.  Met Sybille at Crater Rim Village and decided I had to stop hiking for the day -- Totally Bonked.  It was probably a bad idea hiking long mileage the last three days while still sick with giardia.  I think I burned through all my reserves.  Several hikers, including Pacemaker, said I lost a lot of weight in just the last week and I feel drained.  So, I take an easy day and enjoy Sybille's company.  We did the Rim Village Tourist views and museum and then the full driving tour around the Crater Lake.  Had a nice lunch and a nap at the Vidae Falls picnic area.  We spent the night at a hotel and watched movies.  My first night in a bed since South Lake Tahoe.
Crater Rim Village

View of Wizard Island in Crater Lake NP

The Watchman Peak

Crater Rim

Phantom Ship rock formation in Crater Lake

Vidae Falls Picnic Area

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