Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aug 9th - Mt Shasta and BAD mac-n-cheese

Woke to a great view of Shasta but then smoke came in and turned the views today into the "Smokey Mountains".  PCT is now closed for 100 miles due to the Lassen Fire.  Glad I made it through.  Janet and Dazzle camping with me last night and hiked with Flagman, then SwissArmy.

We broke out onto open ridges with closer views of Shasta's snow fields.  Almost got ran over by a deer.  A pretty section and easy terrain so I made 30 miles today.  Met Hee Haw and one other hiker; both with guitars. Saw humming birds at the spring. 

Tonight I tried a hiker box find that I thought was mac-n-cheese.  What a disaster!  Turned out it wasn't mac-n-cheese but elbow noodles mixed with instant mashed potatoes.  I normally add pasta to unfiltered cold water then heat it to boiling to save fuel.  When I added what I thought was pasta and cheese mix it immediately solidified into cold potatoes and started scorching on the bottom of the pot.  I dumped it out, heated more water, and tried to add the potato-pasta mix back in to heat it like a potato soup but it was still too thick.  I couldn't get it to boil.  It just fried the bottom layer.  In frustration I left it for an hour and came back to find the noodles soft so I ate them anyway.  Probably a bad idea.  I forgot that it never got more than lukewarm and the water was unfiltered.   Hope I don't get sick from this one.  I should have just thrown it out. 

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