Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wed, Jun 12 - Alpine Lakes and Chalk Creek Pass

Very exciting climb out of Monarch Pass, over the ski area, and onto the top of the Continental Divide.  Passed prehistoric stone walls used for hunting, many alpine lakes, and more snow.  Lots of small clusters of yellow, white, blue and violet wildflowers.  Saw a mountain goat.  

Passed some old cabins but just signed the register.  They were pretty beat up.  
One of the lakes had open abandoned mine shafts near it with warning signs.  

Climbing up and over Chalk Creek Pass was fun.  Had to rock scramble the sides to avoid the snow so I didn't stay on trail.  Had a conversation with a marmot that didn't think I belonged on his wildflower decorated mountain pass.  Camping at Handcock Lake down at 11,600 feet.

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