Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mon, 24 June - Vasquez Peak!

Woke to a climb from 10,000 to an unnamed peak at almost 13,000.  Good morning wake up.  Back on the divide and entering Vasquez Peak Wilderness it seemed just rude to not climb Vasquez Peak.  So off I go on a cross-country trail alternate to stay high on the divide and straight up Vasquez Peak.  The traverse after reaching the summit was like climbing several more mountains as you go over one knob after another till finally a very steep down to rejoin the CDT.  Snow blocked the easiest route down so I just aimed for the shortest.  It was a very steep descent and I didn't realize just how steep until I climbed the next peak, Stanley mountain, and looked back.  I climbed down that?  

The next section was wonderful for several miles as it was alpine, very high, and mostly flat with views all around.  Then down to Berthound Pass and up to just shy of Mount Flora.  I am camping high on the divide where I found a stone wind wall that I hope will protect my tent.  I am thinking of taking the knife edged divide alternate over Parry Peak and don't want to camp there so it's this exposed ridge tonight.  The views are outstanding!

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