Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mon, 17 June - Mt Massive, second highest In CO

Side hike up Mount Massive today.  The second highest peak in Colorado and in my opinion an even better view then Mt Elbert.  The summit ridge was rocky and a bit of a knifes edge with little room to share.  Some lingering snow added a few hundred feet of interesting snow steps.  The best part after the fantastic views was a long glissade down that covered a 20 min hike down in less them a minute. Even had a marmot pose on the summit.

Just a little grapple snow falling at times but you could see dark clouds of snow crawling over the other mountains.  The section around the fish hatchery had so many fresh new axe blazes on the trees its as if they marked it in brail for the blind.  The afternoon and evening saw lots of dark clouds and lots of thunder in the distance.  When the rain finally reached me I camped by a nice lake to avoid hiking in the rain.

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