Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wed, 19 June - Elk Ridge and Kokomo & Searle Pass

Stopped on the way out of town to have a women repair the zipper on my packs hip pocket.  Back at Tennessee Pass I checked out the 10th Mountain Division WWII Memorial.  On trail I passed the ruins of what looked like a large kiln.  Up near the Mountain Divisions Camp Hale site I saw a large ammo bunker and warnings about asbestos and old ammunition.

Then it's up lots of switchbacks to Kokomo Pass.  The views of the open summits and mountains from Kokomo Pass, up and over Elk Ridge, and all the way to Searle Pass where wonderful.  Of course the snow returned as I climbed Elk Ridge starting with about 50 meters of angled snow to cross.  Then lots of on and off the snow along the route to Searle Pass.  Fortunately it mostly held your weight but also was soft enough to kick steps.  A very pretty section.

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