Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mon, Jun 3 - A storm brews on Hunchback Peak

Lots of elk this morning as I climbed through mountain meadows, lakes, high passes, and of course just enough snow to keep you on your toes and your feet wet.  Some nice waterfalls too.  

I had hoped to climb Hunchback Peak and climb the exposed ridge but it looked to still have a lot of snow.  I was almost going to try anyway but when I climbed to the pass the wind started howling, snow and rain fell, and I could see a line of thunder storms coming.  I opted to stay on the CDT and glad I did.  Just under two miles farther I came to an old emergency shelter just as the thunder started in ernest. Within five minutes the wind was gusting around 45mph and rain and hail pelted the old shelter.  The floor was dirt, ashes, rotting scraps of wood and supplies, and piles of snow.  But the loft was clean and dry.  Made myself at home and managed to take a nap dispite the thunder and wind that made the walls creak and bend.  It really seemed like the storm would take the roof off and the timbers moved back and forth.  A bit scary.  

The storm cleared, the sun came out and dried the ground, and it was only 4:30pm but I now felt lazy.  Feeling guilty but I guess I'm camping tonight in this beautiful spot surrounded by mountains.

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