Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sun, 23 June - Two more 14ers, Grey and Torreys

Another unbelievably prefect day!  Woke to frost on the tent and ice in my water bottle but it warmed up nicely and had great weather.  On the hike back up to the divide I passed a couple of short icy sections that were so frozen it was hard to kick safe steps into.  But after a long climb up to Argentine Pass the real adventure began.

Hiking and climbing over the divide to Mount Edward was very scenic but from Edward the view toward Grey and Torreys was down right scary!  The route,  I will not call this a trail, was along a knife edge of rocky cliffs with little room for a single boot print.  My fear of heights had my legs shaking like jello.  It just didn't look possible.  Only made it through by concentrating on only the next ten feet at a time.  It was all doable but your mind kept worrying about what was over the very next rock.  Very stressful but so unbelievably rewarding to accomplish.  And the views!!!  

Grey Peak and Torrey's Peak were easy after the knife edge and the views from these two 14,000 foot peaks a real treat.  Met a great group of hikers on Grey, see photo, and they treated me to trail magic(gatoraid and water) on the roadwalk down toward the  i70 road crossing.  Not a lot of mileage today but a fantastic day!

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