Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thur, 30May - snowshoeing the high mountain passes

Strenuous but beautiful day.  Used my snowshoes at least eight times.  Was able to find lots of patches of wet and dry trail so route finding was not to bad today.  Rounded some ridges and kept anticipating a major snow slope around every corner as the trail/route climbed high up onto the divide at times with steep slopes.  But everything felt safe or had a steep rock traverse around it. Very tiring climbing at 12,500-13,000 feet and really windy.  At one point I got really nervous as I approached a huge snow cornice but a few feet before it the trail switched backed! Hiking along the cornice with great views! Slipped climbing down off a snow ridge and fell on my hiking pole and bent it.  It wasnt to bad and i thought i could straighten it but it snapped in half.  Guess i should have left it bent. Camping at Predra Pass near a lake and great views.

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