Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fri, 31May - Climbing up onto the Divide

Norm, Elizabeth and Dane hiked by as i was breaking camp this morning.  We hiked most of the day together through a mix of snow, trees, and open but wet trail.  Lots of great views as we climbed up on the divide and hiked either on a snow ridge or just beside it.  Mostly straight forward route finding because you could see patches of trail - you just did not always want to follow it because sometimes there were dry routes around.  

I had hoped to hike with the others through the knife edge section but Norm and Elizabeth wanted to stay on trail and I was very worried about it being a steep icy bowl with no sign of trail.  Dale wanted to stay on the divide but it was already 5:30pm and I had heard its at least 2-1/2 hours across the exposed section and I wanted to wait till morning instead.  I made camp at the junction where the other three spit up and will try the high divide in the morning. Fantastic views today!

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