Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fri, 14 June - Lake Ann Pass and the town of Winfield

Another fantastic day!  Took the scenic route around Texas Lake.  Pretty but should have forded the stream and saved the three miles to cross the bridge.

The climb up to Lake Ann Pass was steep but very pretty.  At the top of the pass was a scary cornice.  Climbing up to the lip gave a fantastic view of partly frozen Ann Lake and the route down the other side of the pass.  The lip of the cornice was undercut and shear. I ended up climbing easy right of the pass to avoid the steepest part of the overhanging lip.  Skidding and sliding down snow and rock scree since the switchbacks were buried in the snow.  

Following a creek down the valley I came to the neat little historic town of Winfield. Just a small cluster of restored buildings from a former silver mining town. 

Despite the steep trail and snow I made about 33 miles today.  Hiking partway up The steep assent of Hope Pass to a spring I had to settle for a nice flat spot just inches of trail on the steep terrain.  A great hiking day.

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