Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wed, 29May - Leaving Pagosa Springs

Town is getting crowded.  Must be 12 more hikers since i got into town.  I purchased a used rental pair of snowshoes, the friendly owners of the Pinewood gave some of us a ride to the grocery store and did my laundry.  A group of us had a nice time in the hot springs on the roof of one of the spas last night. And Bob and I bought huge buckets of popcorn at the little movie theater - we skipped the movie.

Got a ride back to the trail after lunch and was happy to see lots of footprints but it was short lived.  I caught up to a group of three with a dog and they were on there first day out.  The woman said she was going slow because it was her first time at altitude.  Hope they are ok cause its over 11,500 feet here; a little high for someone to camp that hasn't been acclimated.  After I passed them there were no footprints, markers or sign of trail.   Its back to the San Juan mountains and the snow!

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