Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fri June 7 - San Luis Peak(CO 14er)

Climbed San Luis Peak, my first Colorado 14,000 foot peak!  Of course it started snowing and hailing when I started the climb.  Fantastic views during the windows of sun and an exciting climb.  As I started to descend the other side the wind and hail kicked up and made it hard to see.  Then I heard thunder and hurried down.  I don't understand how, I was sure I crossed the summit and was climbing down the opposite side of the mountain, but somehow I ended up back on the side I started at.  Thinking I was on the opposite side I had trouble matching the map to the terrain.  Of course when I tried my GPS the battery went dead.  To make a long story shorter- I got disoriented thinking I was at a different spot and started hiking south on the CDT.  Probably added an extra 5-6 miles up and back instead of over the top and down the purple route but it was still a fantastic summit and hiking day.  The afternoon followed a river down the valley with terraces of beaver dams and finally mostly dry trail.  Started to see moose too!

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