Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tue, June 4 - Colorado Trail High Point

Today was a fantastic day.  Maybe because I stopped early yesterday, had a nap and extra rest, or because the trail was easy to find and the snow is melting but I had a great day.  Ended up hiking 32 miles today; in a week when 15 was a good day.  

Lots of great views, many elk sightings, and the valleys are starting to turn green.  The CDT joined the Colorado trail today and at Stony Pass their was trail magic.  A big bucket of candy bars.  Had off and on sunshine and windy snow/hail squalls. Great views as I crossed the highest point on the Colorado Trail at 13,274 feet.  

Pushed on to spend the night at the Friends of the CT Yurt where I found Norm, Elizabeth, and Dane left the lights on for me. The kidded me that Papa Smurf had made it back to the Smurfy mushroom house!

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