Friday, May 3, 2013

Thur 25Apr2013 - Gila River

Exciting day. Climbed up to Tadpole ridge past the Devils Garden, with neat sand spires. I had heard no one could find the #9 spring on the way up the ridge so I added a few cairns and a wood arrow. Just looks like a muddy hole but using a bent leaf to make a spout I got almost a liter a minute of cold clear mountain spring water.

Met some real cowboys complete with gold tooth and looking like they came out of a movie. The were searching for stray cattle. Then I dropped down into the canyon to follow the Gila River. First up some unimproved cliff dwellings. At least I think I found them. Pretty good size caves but I was unsure if I found the right ones. Not wanting to sleep in a cave I pushed up stream to see if I could find the first hot spring. Eight river crossings later I found it. One dip of my foot and I decided I would fry. It was really hot.

I made camp just north of the hot spring out of the gale force winds coming through the canyon. A great day!

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