Monday, May 27, 2013

Mon, 20May - Snow storm at 10,500ft

What a exciting day.  Woke to frost on my tent.  Meet up with Bob, the hat maker, again at lunch and we hiked together.  Saw my first bear; a big black one and when he saw me he ran straight up this steep hill over boulders and snow patches.  It was fascinating to watch how  agile he was.  Also lots of deer in herds and Bob even saw a prong horn antelope.  The big event of the day was a full out snow storm.  Wet heavy snow coming down in huge flakes. In no time the ground and trees were covered in two to three inches of heavy wet snow.  Finding the trail was a challenge but the route followed up and along the canyon rim that looked down on a stream in the snow covered drainage below.  Very pretty with all the wet snow on the trees. Then we saw a huge herd of deer on the slopes ahead.  Feet and hands are wet and cold but it was a real enjoyable adventure.  Oh yah, I met the winter caretaker of the ranch near where I camped last night and he gave me some wild salmon that I cooked for dinner tonight.  Also scored a beer from a couple on the dirt road today.  Camping in the snow by lower Lagunitas lake.

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