Friday, May 3, 2013

Tue 30Apr2013 From to much to too little water

Sun, 28Apr2013 - Great view of the Moon over canyon wall rock spires. 125 stream crossings while hiking through the middle fork canyon with the rock walls towering around you. lots of elk, turkey, and a Crane. Stung by a bee in the foot so I hiked the middle of the stream for a 1/4 mile and all is well. Made it to Snow Lake where I met Mike and Meg again.

Mon 29Apr2013 - Water froze over night. Great hiking through canyons and flat mesas like you were in a cowboy movie but also a lot of dirt road walking too that I don't care for. My camera stopped working out of the blue. You can view old pictures but any new photos come out black. Maybe I can find a cheap camera in Grant. Lots of Elk today. Saw a very fast animal run straight across the Mesa for probable a quarter mile at high speed; a coyote or wolf?

Tue, Apr 30th - long day with little water. I rationed my water to 1/2 a liter an hour but was always thirsty. The CDT was first a nice tread, then no tread but well marked, then only cut tree blazes, then nothing. Lots of hills/small mountains so up and down but with lots of fire damaged dead trees to climb over and loose lava rocks. A real torture to hike. Lots of elk and deer. Found an antler with five points and over a meter long. I carried it for over a mile hoping to find a CDT sign to leave it near so others would see it but finally gave up, it was heavy! I left it on a dirt track I crossed and decided to follow it since I couldn't find a trace of a path anyway. After a while the jeep road turned south so I just followed a compass bearing toward the top of the nearest tall mountain the route went over. Finally crossed a better tread of the CDT near the top and except for downed trees could follow it. Climbed up the 1/2 mile to dameon spring but it was dry. Another mile added to my day without water. Camping at a windmill. I filtered two liters of ugly slime when the ancient windmill started working. I rain around to the pipe but of course it stopped. I waited an hour and was able to catch 1-1/2 more clean liters before giving up. Camping nearby I played cat and mouse with the wind but it always stopped before I got back to the well. Ii will filter more slime in the morning if I must.

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