Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mon, 13May - Cuba NM

Camping last night at the base of a Mesa cliff among huge sandstone boulders.  This morning I had the exciting climb right up the headwall.  Very impressive trail work.  At first you don't even realize it  and wonder if there is a way up.  Then it always seems there is a rock step or a notch in the sandstone.  Amazing amount of trail building and wonderful climb with great views.  Another hike along the rim with great views from the cliff line.  Then a hike into the little friendly town of Cuba.  Had a rancher offer bottled water and welcome me to town.

Met Pacer at the hotel and we eat dinner together where we were joined by another hiker Bob.  Bob said there were another 10 hikers behind that he met at Pie Town.  Getting crowded for the CDT. Never a soul on the trail so far other than a few cowboys looking for lost calfs.

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  1. I am happy that your are having such a good time.