Friday, May 3, 2013

Fri, 26Apr2013 - Fording rivers on the way to Doc's

Another interesting day. Crossed the Gila River 47 times today. PaPa is in his elements! Up to above your knees and a few times up to my waist. And I hear its low this year. Several times I got sucked into muddy silt that was like quicksand with my feet sunk up to my knees. Took a long time to get out. Twice I slipped on the mud in my crocs and landed in the water on my ass. It really was fun and pretty looking at the canyon walls.

Had trouble finding the hot spring at the eight to last water crossing. Turns out I was at the seventh. The directions are for someone hiking south so it's hard to translate. It was hot so once I realized I missed it I just hiked on. Met Mike and Meggi (m&m) who were car leapfrogging the CDT.

It was slow with all the fords so, after some homemade ice-cream at Doc Campbell's, I rented a campsite next to some private Hot Springs for $5. It was to late to hike into the Cliff Dwellings today. I spent the afternoon and evening soaking in the hot springs and mingling with a number of campground guests such as Sara who was bike touring, a women hiking the Enchantment Trail, and the campground owners.

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