Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thur, 9May - Mt Taylor

Wow,  best day so far.  Yesterday I enjoyed a zero mileage day to relax in Grants.  A bit run down, with lots of closed business's, but everyone was friendly.  But today was grand.  Hiking out of town you climb a really nice trail up to the top of a Mesa.  Then with views down into Grants and ahead toward the mountains it's easy and beautiful hiking.  

Then comes the climb up Mt Taylor at 11,301 feet.  I think I read its the highest point in northwestern New Mexico.  Well the climb and views are fantastic.  The top is a bald with views everywhere.  On the climb the ravines had chunks of snow in them and the tree belt had patches of snow three feet deep.  I am camping right at the summit but it sure is getting cold up here in the thin air.  Went from shorts and a T-shirt to wearing everything I own as soon as I made the summit.  It's clouding up so no sunset but still a wonderful spot.  After dinner the soft sound of snowflakes landing on my tent as a snow sqaul passed through.

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