Monday, May 27, 2013

Tue, 21May - Cumbres Pass and the CO State Line

Hiking in and out of the 11,000 foot mark and feeling the low oxygen on the uphills.  Lots of snow and blowdowns in one section had us (Bob hiked with me today) searching for the trail.  Lots of footprints in the snow but they obviously could not find it either.  We finally found it but after crossing a dirt road and hiking a half mile it faded out and we lost it again.  It appears to be a very new trail and with no markers at all.  We finally gave up and hiked back to the dirt road were we hiked a purple alternate for a mile to pick up the trail again.

Saw some big bear tracks and lots of deer.  In the afternoon we were going to hike the new section of CDT to Cumbres Pass but never found any markers where it should have started.  Ended up hiking the purple route on my map, which was the red route on Bobs map from last year.  It was very pretty with bald open meadows, some snow, lots of evergreens, and views of the mountains of Colorado.  Crossed the NM/CO state border and up to Cumbres Pass.  Welcome to Colorado. 

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