Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fri 10May - La Mosca Tower & Wild Horses

Got to do some snow hiking this morning; the trail on the north side of Taylor was covered with a foot or more of old snow.  Next up La Mosca Lookout Tower, another 11,000 foot view!  

Between Cold Spring and American Canyon Spring I came across a group of six wild(?) horses.  Couldn't get close to them.  Sure seemed very wild to me.  Neat!  Next I had a wet snowy hail storm.  The hail balls were sticky and stuck to my clothes and the hairs on my arms and legs.  I looked like someone had stuck 100's of little mini-marshmallows to me.  The snow wasn't to bad after I got on my jacket and gloves; but then I relived that that little bit of moisture turned the dirt to glue.  I don't know what the soil is but it stuck to my boots like wet spring snow to the bottom of your snowshoes.  In minutes it felt like I had lead weights on my foot.  After you get an inch or two ball of mud underfoot you scrap it off on a rock or stick.  That lasts about 30 seconds and you have to do it again.  Fortunately the sun returned and all returned to normal.  Another fantastic day.

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  1. The horses must have brought your thoughts to your daughter. It is hard to imagine that there are still wild wild horses somewhere.