Monday, May 27, 2013

Sun, 19May - log bridges and porcupines

Climbing over green rolling hills at just under 10,000 feet.  Lots of snow patches but you could walk off trail to get around them without post holing.  The muds a different story.  

The trail, and dirt roads, would fade out and no road signs so navigation was tricky.  While day dreaming I missed a turn and ended up going cross country for over a mile to get back on trail.  Lots of blowdowns, snow, and cow and elk bones on my little bushwhack adventure.
Several hours of on and off grapple snow falling.  It's a light fluffy snow that looks like styrofoam. Saw another elk in a meadow and followed a fat porcupine for a hundred yards before he climbed a tree. Very very windy and cool today.  Right before camp I came to a log bridge.  Tried to cross but chickened out half way.  Ended up stripping off my clothes and just walking across.

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