Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sun, 5May - Bonine, Sand & Cebolle Canyons

Hiked through Bonine, Sand and Cebolia Canyons. Bonine had some scrambling and route finding. Backtracked 3-1/2 miles where I rejoined the main route so I could see the 1200ad pueblo stone house with 1400's additions and some nearby petroglyphs. Heading out to one of the windmills for water and I got caught in my first sand storm. Couldn't see a thing and tumble weeds were smashing against my legs. I just had to laugh when I got to the windmill in this wind and like magic the wind, and windmill, stopped dead. The water that was gushing as I approached was a trickle. Thankfully the wind returned in a few minutes and a had plenty of fresh water. On the road walk up to the Rim Narrows trail I watched a herd of elk cross the road. So did two girls in a little car; which they parked on the sandy shoulder and got stuck. Had to help push them out. Lol. Camping on the rim at the start of the Narrows.

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