Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sun, 12May - Sandstone Sulptures

Woke last night to the sound of high pitched yapping; is it coyotes, wolves, or wild dogs?  The sounds are back again tonight too.  Today's section of trail was magnificent.  The trail follows along the sides and tops of sandstone cliffs on the edges of the high mesas with amazing sculptures carved into the rock walls.  Pillars, figures, towers, curves and odd shapes and complete castles.  It's like playing in a life size sand castle.  

Following along the top the views of the valleys and sandstone ridges around me were beautiful.  Loose rocks and sand gave way to expansive sold rock domes that you climbed on.  Up and down the sandstone shoots and gullies as you traversed the tops of the sandstone. Near the Jones Canyon spring there were neat stone wall remains of a very old building.  A really special section of trail today. 

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