Friday, May 17, 2013

Fri, 17May - Ghost Ranch Zero-day

Ghost Ranch, what a fantastic place.  Surrounded by the landscapes that are the subject matter of many of the famous painter, Georgia O'Keeffe's, most memorable paintings.  This is also the area where many movies were filmed including Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Cowboys and Aliens, Comanche Moon, City Slickers, 3:10 to Yuma, and The Missing.

Dinosaurs roamed these red hills, and there are many paleontology discoveries here with Triassic period fossils.  I'm heading to the Archaeology and Paleontology Museums next and there are several archaeological sites here. The cliffs and features such as chimney rock, carved by the Rio Charma river.
On the Ghost Ranch campus I enjoyed the many all-you-can-eat meals, the music from the practacing Blue Grass workshop attendies, and the many sites including meditation gardens and the Labyrinth.  There is box canyon I look forward to seeing on the hike out in the morning.

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