Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tue, 17Sep - Waterton Lake and Canada!

Cool, misty, and a threat of rain as I start my last day on the CDT and headed out from Fifty Mountains Campsite for the Canadian border.  The views leaving camp were overcast and while I certainly didn't see fifty mountains it was a nice open backdrop as I crossed below Cathedral Peak and decended into forested terrain down to Waterton Lake. 
 As I came into sight of the Goat Haunt Ranger Station and USA border checkpoint Sybille and her sister were there to greet me.  It was so great to see Sybille and Sabina and have them share my final day on the CDT.  They came over from Canada by ferry and Sybille joined me on the last 9-1/2 miles along Waterton Lake and across the US/Candian border to Waterton.  Sabina took the opportunity to do a hike over to the overlook and return by ferry to meet us in town.  
Celebrating at the border with some Whiskey and pictures with fine weather!  Check out the homemade custom Papa Smurf Triple Crown T-shirt I'm sporting!   What a surprise that was.  A great day to finish the CDT, complete the triple crown, and look forward to the start of the next of life's adventures. 


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