Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sun, 8Sep - Marias Pass to East Glacier

Dropping down to the campground to get water in the morning I met Tom and his wife again.  I had talked with Tom the night before too.  He invited me into his trailer for coffee and toast and peanut butter.  A nice treat made even nicer because it started raining again and I was nice and dry inside the trailer.

Next I crossed Maria's Pass which had a large monument and historic site dedicated to several different events including Lewis and Clark, Roosevelt and the protection of scenic national parks, the railroad crossing, Continental Divide, and of course Maria's Pass itself.

After crossing the railroad tracks and entering Glacier National Park the trail became very overgrown.  I image the first south bound hikers had a lot of trouble just finding the trail.  Despite missing the rain I was soaked because of all the wet underbrush. 

Easy hiking and I was soon crossing into Indian Reservation Land where many un-mapped dirt roads made it hard to know the right route.  Then by afternoon I was in East Glacier where I will spend the night at Brownie's Hostel.

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