Monday, September 9, 2013

Sat, 31Aug - Lewis and Clark Pass and Surrounded by Views in theScapegoat Wilderness!

What spectacular views today.  Woke on the top of Green Mountain and stayed on the open ridge line of the divide the whole day.  Surrounded in all directions with views of mountains rolling off into the distance.

Lots of jagged rocky cliff lines.  On some of the cliff lines you could see the vertical strips of the rock layers showing how the geology of the mountains were formed.  The view above Bighorn Lake was wonderful.

I skipped the first two water sources that were a hike off trail since I saw that I would pass a lake, creek, then a spring.  Oops.  The lake was dry as a bone and looked more like a shallow meteor crater. Why is it called a lake when it looked like it could barely hold a foot deep of water?  Same with the creek.  The spring was barely a small pool with only dampness below.  I spent an hour bailing a half liter at a time from the 1/2 inch deep pool.  I had to wait for it it refill after each half liter but it was cold and clean tasting.

At the end of the day I dropped down into the valley alongside Blacktail Creek on many pleasant switchbacks. Camping on the banks of the Dearborn River.

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