Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thur, 12Sep - Triple Divide Pass and the Polar Bear Swim

The climb up to Triple Divide Pass had a  great view of Medicine Grizzle Lake framed by Razoredge Mountain and a fantastic waterfall flowing into the lake.  Reflections of the mountains were visible in the water as seen from my perch on the narrow hill hugging trail as I climbed to the top of the pass.

Great views of Razoredge Mtn, Triple Divide Peak, Norris Mtn, and Spilt Mountain from the pass.  The Triple Divide Pass gets its name because water splits three ways to the east, west, and also north-east to Hudson Bay.

Met up with the Ninja/Sweet fish/Love-note gang at the pass.
As we descended down we passed a small deep blue lake filled with ice just under Norris Mountain. We had a great time doing the polar swim jumping off the icebergs into the cold water.

Continuing down along Hudson Bay Creak I passed several waterfalls and climbed out on a side trail to the base of one of them.  At Red Eagle Creek there were two crossings complete with suspension bridges that swayed and creaked as you crossed.  The second one had fantastic pot holes and a deep blue pool under the bridge and I stopped to take another dip in the cold water and lay on the water smoothed potholes in the rocks.

Camping solo at the head of Red Eagle Lake where I have been watching a deer at the lake for the last half hour.  During the night I heard a lot of splashing and movement of large animals going in and out of the lake all night but it was to dark to see them.

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