Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mon, 16Sep - Ahern Pass and Sue Lake Lookout

Found a deer poking around my camp this morning so the animal mystery is solved.  A little rain last night and off and on this morning.  Made for a great double rainbow.  Almost made it to the edge of the rainbow and the pot of gold but it fadded out just before I found it.

The trail traverses around the cliffs of the divide and past Ahern Pass with great views.  Took the side hike to Sue Lake Lookout and it was fantastic.  A rocky narrow trail leads to a craggy outlook between the mountains where you walk out in a cliff looking straight down at the lake.  Glaciers and snow with mountains surrounded all around the lake and my overlook.  Very windy with dark clouds but a good view.  Dropped down to 50 Mountain Campsite early in the day and was able to make camp before the rain.  The sun returned and I was rewarded with views of the surrounding rocky peaks.

Hard to accept this is the last night on trail and the grand CDT adventure is nearing the end.

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