Monday, September 9, 2013

Fri, 30Aug - Rogers Pass to Green Mountain

Started out mostly in forested hills and no wind and humidity made it sticky.  That all changed for the better after Flesher Pass.  First I met a ranger who gave me a ride down the 0.3 miles off route to a spring and took my trash.  Then I climbed onto the divide for miles and miles of open ridgeline.

The slabbed across the side of the ridge on a narrow track with gusting wind that both cooled you off and threatened to blow you off the mountains. Pretty exciting and filled with views for many miles!  

Mount Rogers was a highlight but the whole day was wonderful views.  Dropping down to Rogers Pass the switchbacks would sweep left and right over a 1/4 mile each way with little downward progress. Later I would be wishing for more switchbacks!

The views continued as I climbed over scree covered open hilltops and into Cadotte Pass where I climbed a tower with a missing top near a yurt at the pass.  Then up and up the scree covered slopes; straight up that is.  Where are those switchbacks now?  The sun was right in my eyes and the wind so strong I couldn't keep my hat on.  The glare was so strong I couldn't see where the trail was on the wide rocky slopes and I kept ending up off trail just heading up till I would find the trail again.  Hard work but fantastic views looking down away from the sun.

I ended up pushing on till almost dark to get to a small spring. Water has been a very scarce item lately.  The spring was on a steep slope and I ended up climbing to the top of Green Mountain and setting up camp as darkness closed in.  A great day!

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