Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sat, 7Sep - Muskrat Pass and Willy Wonka's Chocolate River

Unbelievable rain, hail and thunder last night. It stopped for an hour, then came back again, off and on at least five times.  The last so loud I couldn't sleep or even hear my MP3 player.  Hiking was wet and muddy with pools inches deep on most of the trail. Passed a pile of hail over a foot deep.  

After Muskrat Pass and Blue Lake the trail was overgrown and waist high.  The brush was wet and rubbed against your arms and legs, but at least the greasy mud has ended. Saw another set of smaller prints today that might be wolf.

Met up with Bow again.  Lots and lots of wet river crossings on the Two Medicine Elk Calf river.  And more rain in the afternoon.  Dropped down to the Maria's campground to get water then climbed back up the hill southbound where I saw a good camp spot instead of paying for the car campground at the pass.  After the pass you enter Glacier National Park and you can't camp without a permit.

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