Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tue, 10Sep - Two Medicine Lake, Glacier NP

After a huge breakfast and a giant fudge covered chocolate brownie with ice cream, whip cream and a cherry I headed back into Glacier National Park on the last leg of the adventure.

The climb up past Bald Hill really opened up and you saw the real Glacier Park.  Climbing up along side Bison Mountain you finally peak out at a spot called simply "Scenic Point".  What a fantastic view!  And a rock outcropping that just drops off on one side.  Wish someone was with me to take a picture with me hanging my feet over the edge.  Then over a saddle and down a set of switchbacks with fantastic views if Two Medicine Lake, snow on Appistoki Peak, and even a side hike to Appistoki Falls.  Camping at Two Medicines Campground.


  1. Is there a view at all from Bald Hill itself?

    1. Not so much from Bald Hill but the views from "scenic Point" are the gateway view into Glacier National Park and are the spectacular beginning of this wonderland. Leaving East Glacier you will not really get much of a view till after you leave the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and get past Bald Hill.

    2. Ok thanks very much!! Was thinking of an after dinner type of hike for us, staying at Glacier Park Lodge.