Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fri, 13Sep - Saint Mary Lake and Virginia Falls

Last night around 9:30pm another solo hiker stumbled into camp in the dark.  He offered me a beer and we sat and watched as three large dark shapes moved noisily through the lakefront.  Moose?  The sounds and movement of large animals would continue all night.  

The young college age hiker had a wind-up flashlight and forgot his bear rope so I let him string his food with mine. Interesting character, and he brought beer!  

Waterfalls, cascades, potholes, and bridges highlighted today as the trail passed along the shoreline of Saint Mary Lake.  Virginia and St Mary Falls and the cascades between are really nice.  A couple of the group jumped from the cliffs near the bridge at St Mary Falls but I chickened out.

As I was hiking past the falls I stumbled across Gary and Cindy from the hiking club.  What a surprise!  We hiked back together to enjoy the falls and even got to briefly see a bear.

I hiked out to their car and we drove into town where Gary and Cindy sprung for some trail magic!  Loaded down with half a case of beer and snack food we had a evening trail magic at our camp at Reynolds Creek just past a suspension bridge and near a smooth rock ledge along the water. Thanks Gary and Cindy!

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