Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sept 9th - Glissading on Mt Jefferson

What a fantastic day! This morning three hunters walked by and not ten minutes later a herd of deer meandered through the meadow by our camp. Just lucky or are they smart deer?

Hiked most of the day with Damsel and her dog Lucy, Kristo, Trip, Cactus and Extra Credit. The views of the low hanging clouds in the valley with the mountains poking above was amazing. Then behold the mighty Jefferson with wildflowers in the foreground. Many different views of Jefferson as I hiked along the ridge up to her, over the shoulder, and around and behind her. Great views of lakes and the surrounding mountains too.

Crossed the Russell Creek on a snow bridge where I caught up with Dazzle. Had the "Jefferson Park" area all to myself as I pushed on to take in the terrific views with lots of snow fields before the clouds came in. Got very cold and windy as I climbed to today's high point. To cold and windy to comfortably camp so I pushed on toward the Indian Reservation where I heard there was a shelter.

As I entered the Mt Hood National Forrest I had lots of fun practicing standing boot glissading on the many snow fields. Slept on a picnic table inside a stone shelter at Breitenbush Lake campground of the Tribes of Warm Springs. Trip came in after dark and slept on the ground behind me and it did end up raining during the night. Trip said the group had no views because the clouds beat them up to the high point. A great dinner tonight of pasta with ham and Kung Pao sauce.

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