Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sept 15 - Eagle Creek, Tunnel Falls and the Ogre Shrek

A hiker, Backtrack, came through during the night looking for the spring and trail. In the morning I was joined by Zanna and Panorama. The Eagle Creek alternative was an amazing section of trail. From Tunnel falls with its cave behind the waterfall and trail carved into the rock walls with cables, to all the features along the way like High bridge and the many other bridges, Loowit falls, Punch Bowl Falls, Metlako falls and all the way down to the Columbia River gorge with a view of "Bridge of the Gods" as I finally reached Cascade Locks.

Being a Saturday it was like hiking the wrong way on a narrow oneway road with all the day and weekend hikers who were to scared to pass on the exposed trail carved into the walls of the gorge. Scored an apple in town where the Indians had a farm market. Maybe I will get some wild smoked salmon for the hike out. Staying the night at Ogre Shrek's hiker swamp where I met Sunshine who waited on me at VVR alone with Flagman, Zanna and Pannarama, and some other hikers. Damsel and Lucy and Walking Stick. I ate a whole large pizza and a beer at the PCT Pub, followed by ice cream at another place that was featured in the filming of the new movie Wild; The Eastwind. I hear they have a 1 lb breakfast burrito. It feels odd to finish the state of Oregon. The end of the trail is starting to feel real and a little sad. But, I'm sure there's lots of adventures still ahead on the trail and after. Today was a great day!

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  1. you look great John, your muscels show again - just the hat is really not your style