Monday, September 3, 2012

Sept 3rd - Labor Day Backtracks and Shelter Cove

This was a day of miss-steps.  Hiked the Oregon Skyline alternative today so I could stop at Shelter Cove.  First up, Little Steps said the trail starts west of the road.  We hiked a half mile in the wrong direction before realizing it.  Next, at a trail junction, I went straight instead of turning left because the sign said "horse trail".  Wrong, we ended up on a different trail leading to the road.   Probably should have just hiked the road but I went back and turned at the horse trail sign getting us back on track.  Hiking into Crescent Lake campground where we scored trail magic.  I had two large P&B sandwiches and another for the road, along with an orange, banana, and some chocolate and mac-n-cheese.  Then on the way back to the trail I missed the turn off the road again and we hiked another mile around Crescent Lake before I realized my mistake.  That's three backtracks today.  LOL

I left Little Steps to make Shelter Cove before 7pm but because of special Labor Day hours they were already closed.  Met Flagman and cooked a dinner from the hiker box on the campfire because I couldn't get to my resupply box and food.  Slept on the deck by the lake and looking forward to some hot breakfast in the morning. 

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