Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sept 12th - Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood

Windy this morning. Hiked the last 7-8 miles to Timberline Lodge to enjoy the brunch buffet. Was joined at lunch by Cactus and Trip, who hitched to the lodge, and then Dazzle, Extra Credit and Hollywood. Fantastic views along the way up and across the lower slopes of Mt Hood but blowing sand on your eyes. Took a movie with camera on a post and ended up with a movie of the camera tumbling down in the wind. The ranger said the lodge was filmed for the movie "the shining" as well as a Jimmy Stuart and Lassie movie. Looks like everyone is now backed out of staying the night but me. I'll tent and catch the breakfast buffet. It's all about the food for PaPa Smurf.


  1. What was better - food or views? You look great and happy.

    1. Not fair. You know how hard it would be for me to choose between food and the views. Fortunately I got both!