Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sept 11th - Mt Hood comes into view

Heard a pack of coyotes attack an animal in the night. Really creepy sounds. A cold night. Felt strong, the trail was gentle, and I was on a mission to have brunch at Timberline Lodge; so I hiked through to the 2100 mile marker. Lots of lakes and day hikers, especially along Timothy Lake. The trail signs and also a huge arch entry to the PCT from a trail head where impressive. Most were wood with raised carved lettering. The sounds of airplanes in the air was comforting as thoughts of 911 brought back memories of the eerie absence of planes after 911. Hope I don't hear anything bad happening on this anniversary. Then just as the day was ending Mt Hood came into view. Marvelous!!! I carried 3-3/4 liters of water from a great seep to dry camp on the ridge. Part of the water in a peanut butter jar - have to have my coffee in the morning.  Cowboy camped on the ridge, just barely off trail. Glad to find something before dark.

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