Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sept 10 - Indian rain dance

Still light drizzle in the morning. Breakfast of scrambled eggs with mushrooms and broccoli; thanks to Sybille's care package. Trail magic of fresh snow peas, carrots and gorp. Trip left his headlamp so I should try and catch up to him today. Boots and socks are soaked when I got to Olallie Lake store. Nice woodstove where the whole gang was warming up. (Trip, Cactus and Extra Credit, Kristo, Damsel and Lucy, Dazzle). No hot food so I bought a $6 bag of chips. Also yogied a ripe peach!

Rain gave way to sun late afternoon but cold all day. Hiked with fleece and gloves the whole day. Most of the day was on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation but no views because of the rain. Were the Indians doing a rain dance? Thought I had camp all to myself but Cactus, Extra Credit, and Trip hiked on after dark. Bet Trip was glad to have his headlamp. Mile 2171.4

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