Friday, September 7, 2012

Sept 7 - Crossing 2000 Miles! and Big Lake Youth Camp

Wednesday and Thursday were the days of many lakes. There was a lake or pond around every hill. Great lunch and nap at Charleston Lake. Passed through signs for the Bobby Fire detour which I ignored because I heard it was open. Then through a large old burn area with miles of standing dead tree trunks. The wind made a chorus of whistling sounds as it passed through the dead trees. Camped at Stormy Lake Wednesday. Thursday I had lunch at on old wood and stone lean-to on Cliff Lake.

At Elk Lake resort I picked up my resupply and enjoyed a fantastically good, and equally expensive, burger, salad, milk shake and ice cream. Then our friendly trail angel, Lloyd, drove me around the section I had already hiked with Sybille. Camped in the dark last night at Lava Lake Campsite. Today I hiked the road out past Dee Wright Observatory, a neat stone tower in the middle of the lava fields, to McKenzie Pass to pick up the PCT where I left off. Lloyd had a water cache here!

Lots of hiking through lava fields and views back at the snow covered North Sister and Middle Sister and Little Brother. Hiking north I had great views of Mt Washington and Mt Jefferson. Hiked around the base of Mt Washington where I met Dazzel at the 2000 mile marker. Then down to Big Lake Youth Camp to celebrate with a free shower, laundry, wifi, and a great hiker box. Spending the night with Kristo and Damsel and her dog Lucy. Great place to spend night using hiker box food and fuel.

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  1. what a great accomplishment - skinny but happy - guess live is good on the trail.