Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sept 13th - Timberline Trail

Ended up eating a hiker box smorgasbord last night. After everyone left Damsel and her dog Lucy came along with Kristo and Tokyo Japan Keichi. Nivi and Nadi dropped of beer and everyone agreed the dinner at the lodge was to expensive. We went to the day lodge and used the microwave, toaster, and hiker box to make a group dinner of potatoes, rice, toast with butter and honey, and pudding. I donated more rice, flat bread and an Indian dish along with peach ice tea. A nice group meal and fun time. Then we headed up trail in the dark to camp. The group hiked north and I camped a 100 yards from the lodge in the trees.

Flagman hiked by in the morning and we both had the buffet breakfast - even better then the brunch! Six more hikers joined us during breakfast. After resting from my big meal and charging all my gadgets I got back on trail around 1pm. Lots of day hikers and I made poor time because I chatted with everyone. Lots of views of Mt Hood and the waterfalls and drainage coming off the glaciers. Yogied a sandwich and fruit bar - like I needed more food? One of the ravines looked very neat with multiple waterfall drops and pools. Crossed the Sandy River on a log bridge then camped just before Ramona Falls. Camped with a young man who was taking his mother on her first backpack. We had a nice campfire together.

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